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Do you need a beautiful and delicious treat for your special occasion or event?

Look no further that custom cookies by Sugar Honey Iced Treats. Your imagination is the limit with these one-of-a-kind creations made just for you!

Check out some of the designs I have made in the past and submit a request if you want to see what I can make for you.


  • My signature cookies are vanilla with an almond icing.

  • Custom orders have a minimum order of 1 dozen (12) cookies, but can be any amount over 12.

  • The base price for 1 dozen custom cookies is $60. This includes up to 4 icing colors and simple designs. More colors and details will add to the price.

  • I cannot do licensed designs, but I am able to create designs inspired by your favorite characters, movies, shows, etc.

  • It is preferred that orders be placed more than 2 weeks before the pick-up date. Any orders that are accepted within this period are subject to a miracle fee of at least $15/dozen.

  • Your order is not placed until you receive follow-up communication and the invoice is paid.

  • A full payment will be due within 2 days of receiving an invoice in order to reserve your spot on the calendar.

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