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What's in a Name?

Hi! My name is Katie and I am the founder of Sugar Honey Iced Treats, a quaint home cookiery located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. My specialty is iced sugar cookies in an endless variety of cute designs. I have been making what my friends and family lovingly refer to as "edible works of art" since 2012. The journey to Sugar Honey Iced Treats has not been easy, but it has never lacked sweet moments.

Now you may be wondering why my cookiery is named as such. Sugar Honey Iced Treats is the product of southern influence and a quirky sense of humor. Though I live just outside of Nashville now, I didn't encounter the wonderful world of southern manners until I was 15 and my family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. While we lived there, and with the help of a friend, my mother learned all about "sugar honey iced tea" and the southern charm of sounding polite while venting your frustrations. As she continued to use this expression throughout the years it grew on me and became one of my favorite turns of phrase.

When deciding on the name for my cookiery, I couldn't help but gravitate toward my favorite southern expression and Sugar Honey Iced Treats was born. Not only does it (almost) perfectly represent my signature creations - as my cookies are delicious treats made with tons of sugar (but no honey) and iced to perfection - but it allows me to express the quirkiness of my personality. For while the main reason I love this expression is to describe my treats ("these cookies are the sh*t"), it is also frequent ejaculation while I am working to bring my art to life (I am working on my patience, I promise ;).

I hope this has given you an interesting glimpse into the life behind the cookies and inspires you to share my Sugar Honey Iced Treats with those you hold dear. And remember:

All my love,


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